With our extensive knowledge in the field of facade restoration, we provide the necessary support to assist the owner and engineer/architect throughout all phases of restoration. We will restore your facade in a cost efficient manner, with top quality workmanship. Our staff will monitor your project from the bidding process until the final sign off. We provide the owner with photographs in order to track the progress.

Local Law 11/98

New York City Local Law 10 of 1980 was enacted shortly after a piece of masonry fell from the facade of a building on Manhattan's upper west side, killing a pedestrian. The New York City Council, in an effort to minimize the chances of such accidents occurring, amended the NYC Building Code, mandating that owners of applicable buildings have their exterior walls and appurtenances periodically inspected by a licensed professional engineer or registered architect. A report based on this periodic "critical examination" must be filed with the Department of Buildings. The law applies to buildings with at least six stories above a basement.

Local Law 11 of 1998 modified Local Law 10 of 1980 by broadening the scope of required facade inspections and imposing more stringent requirements for repair of deteriorated conditions. The Department of Buildings, in its current literature on façade inspection laws, has dropped references to "Local Law 10," and is using the term "Local Law 11/98”.

Changes enacted under Local Law 11 governed the fifth inspection cycle, which commenced in 2000. Owners of applicable buildings (generally those greater than six stories in height) must have their exterior walls and appurtenances inspected by a licensed professional engineer or licensed architect every five years.
After the report based on this "Critical Examination", and scaffold inspections are complete, we will communicate with the engineer/architect to understand all the necessary repairs.

Riggers license
We have on staff licensed riggers to legally file all jobs and work closely with the NYC Building Department. McFar Contractors provides constant monitoring for proper safety guidelines as required by law.